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A popular and payable system is our 18 pin breakoutbox system. This product has been developed because of the demand in the market.

To measure a signal in a wire, most workshop mechanics pierce their test probe into a wire or through the seal of the wire at the connector. Because of this there is leakage at the wire of connector which causes problems after. Think about the salt water on the road during winter time. Piercing into cables or seals belongs to the past with this breakout box system with Y-cables. 

This breakout box can be used in combination with our Y-cables  or breakout lead . The Y-cable is a cable between the sensor and the wiring harness connector. It is a sort of extension cable but with a paralel connection to the breakoutbox. You can now measure the signals with a multi meter or scope in a safe way without damaging the wires or connector of the sensor or actuator. A big advantage also is that the sensor is still connected and “live” so you can measure at a working motor management system.

You can have your own set configured by yourself ! Beside this simple system we also deliver more sophisticated breakout box systems which can be connected to motor management system or other systems like automatic gearboxes.

If your connector can not be found at this web shop or you have any other question, please contact us or send us an e-mail.

Besides that we also have a large number of ECU connectors in stock.

Only € 135,45

Typical Y-Cable with 18 pin parallel breakoutbox